Review of many Random Runner Fruitmachines from different providers

The fruitmachine random runner from Simbat was the 1st online version of this slot machine. The random runner was banned in 1995 because when you play the top game, it was very addictive. It is to date with the Simply Wild the most played game of Simbat. If you look on the internet you will see that there are 1,500,000 search results in the random runner. We really love the Twinplayer versions of StakeLogic like de Twinplayer version of the Random Runner and Simply Wild. is not a provider but only showing games from many online operators.

Top 6 Most played Fruitmachines

The Random Runner slot game has come on the market on May 12 1988, but was soon controversial. The machine had no gambling regulator like other fruitmachines but worked with a gambling calculation based on a dice. This caused a spike behavior and therefore was it very addictive. The mechanics of these slots were often offered extra money by the pub owner if they have fixed the Random Runner as soon as possible. People were even waiting in line to play this game. There are stories that a player played more than 24 hours on this machine and fell to sleep behind this Random Runner.

Fruitmachines you must have Played

The slots that you must have definitely played are the Random Runner and the Simply Wild from Errel/Novomatic.